Dayton to Laredo

*I’m pretty new to blogging. I’m also getting used this android tablet. Some spellings and missing words are gonna be common.

So my family saw me off on Friday,frigid morning. It felt kinda wrong to leave them; it’s Christmas! Gotta go though; my journey awaits.

I was very cold til Gadsden Alabama. Warmed up at Cracker Barrel. Pushed through into warmer temps and then rain. Louisiana was interesting- gambling and industrial at night. I felt like I was in a computer game and the forces of good and evil were all around. I eventually pushed through to Beaumont Texas for the night. Happy to be out of the weather, but lonely.

Leaving the next morning was good in that it was warm; but, it was humid and was trying to rain. Pushed hard through Houston’s terrible traffic in rain, cold and fierce winds. Thankfully only the fierce winds (seriously fierce) lasted til San Antonio. Easy trek finding Luke and Bethany Booker’s home. They were so good to me during my extended stay-remember the tracking device?

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