The long awaited Mexico trip blog

Yep, I’m well into my trip which started the morning after Christmas. It was supposed to be the Mexico/Guatemala trip blog.

Here’s what happened to remove Guatemala:

-I lost my dedicated GPS phone somewhere near Birmingham Alabama;

-I dropped my tracking device which allows you all to track my whereabouts; it was only a 3 ft drop. The device seemed fine, but found it wasn’t. So, I couldn’t enter Mexico without one; long story short, I drove back to San Antonio from Laredo.  It initially didn’t work. Delay cost two days.  Guatemala was already a tight schedule.  Finally (and happily) riding South into Mexico.

I attempted to buy pesos with my international debit cards; they didn’t work. Yikes! These things and numerous warnings not to enter Guatemala alone was convincing enough to say, “another time perhaps.”

Part of my purposes in this trip is to freshen my faith in God.  Thankfully I managed to stay calm and wait for solutions.  It wasn’t easy. When the second tracking device didn’t initially work, I about packed it in to be honest.

So I didn’t know if I had the fortitude if things when bad crossing into Guatemala.

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