New Beginnings Again?

That cautious expression betrays a doubt whether I will maintain a “stick-to-it-iveness”  pertaining to adding new info and blogging on this site.  Another one of those “here we go again” sensations is invading my thoughts right now.  How disappointing was my last attempt.  All 2014 was spent preparing for an overland adventure and launching a revamped website upon my return in January 2015.  My moto trip to Mexico was wonderful, yet fraught with major disappointment in trying to blog with android to my WordPress site.  (My fault for not testing before the trip.) Those many blogging frustrations may have put me off blogging even more than just being lazy.  Writing takes effort you know.

More than I’d like to admit though is to acknowledge fears are partly to blame this last go-around.  Am I a capable writer? Find good content? Able to take criticism? …not to mention following through in developing my business ideas.  So I want to take courage and try again.  Harmony House Coffee is a place where many share their lives (and other stuff) with each other (thanks to Terry for sharing some smoked trout with Jason, David and me).  Maybe I’ll be lead to realize the potential blessings are great enough to get past the laziness and real (or imaginary) fears to share meaningful (and perhaps mundane) content on a consistent basis.


Guess we’ll have to wait and see.