Citrus in coffee always astounds me

Cool mornings drive coffee people to their favorite spots…usually for their usual. Happy is the person I say that gets this Ethiopia YirgaCheffe we’re offering presently. We roasted this one light to highlight the citrus. Nailed it! This is a coffee you describe as sweet without a thought about added sugars. Wonderful medium body and Lemon taste throughout. If it’s this good in drip, it’s definitely going to shine in a pourover. Yum : )

Be wise. Be well.

Overcast Saturday…but El Salvador’s sun is shining!

Yes. It’s a bit slow in the shop this Saturday morning- weather, Fall break, etc. But I’m drinking this recently delivered El Salvador to determine what I like about it and how to optimally roast it. Flavor is definitely worth bragging on- cooked red berries reminiscent of pie or a nice red wine. I’m sure there are other flavors in there; more exploring to do. My thoughts keep running to this thought, “if a good Kenyan coffee has a relative in Central America, it might just be in El Salvador.” I bet the sun is shining brightly on the finca where this coffee was grown : )

Be well.