Need to start sharing in earnest

Happy Thanksgiving all.  Hope you are happily thankful today.  And if it’s hard to be so, may your heart seek til it finds that joy.

In coffee related news, the new Mexican coffee is simply awesome.  Love the chocolate and nutty notes in the french press.  This coffee is a very nice suprise!

A quick update on the moto trip to Mexico and Guatemala- my bike is at a mechanic’s shop for fork tube replacements.  Thankfully my insurance will cover this expense.

Time to rejoin my Thanksgiving Day dinner guests.



Finding My Way

Hey all.

As the owner of Harmony House Coffee, I find myself in a strange place these days. Usually the work day is long, (and sometimes arduous), but simple. Now I’m contemplating major changes after my motorcycle trip to Mexico and Guatemala this December. I’m also wanting to blog- personal and business. I wonder if that’s what I’m doing now? Yes. The point of this message is really to see where this post ends up as I begin using WordPress. These things are not simple to me; much learning to do. Simple was for a long time, good enough. Not so now.

Take care. Be blessed.

John aka jproaster

First Post!

Happy Day! Our new website is up!  Thank you Andrew McPeak!

We’re just getting started (and much to add), but we’re excited to be back on the web again. Be sure to keep checking back here for more content and for continued updates to our blog! The blog will be a place where we can share news, as well as new experiments and offerings that we add to the shop experience. When all pages are complete you will be able to find definitions of the different kinds of coffee and information on the types of coffee we roast under “Our Products“, information about coffee roasting and what makes coffee so good under “Fundamentals” and information on community events and service opportunities under “Serving Our Community“!

On another special note, it also happens to be a musical night at Harmony House! Come by tonight at 8 pm to hear David Benedict, Nathan Johnson, and Michael Moore

We are excited about the opportunities our new site will afford to us!

Come By Tonight @ 8 for the Concert!

Come By Tonight @ 8 for the Concert!