Harmony House exists…

not only to provide specialty beverages worth drinking in a comfortable place, but also to provide fresh roasted coffees to brew at home.  Alongside our roasting facilities, we operate a full service espresso bar which serves more than speciality coffees.  Tea lovers will enjoy our selection of teas, whether flavored or a purist’s indulgence.  Really there’s something for most everybody.  However, Harmony House Coffee has a purpose that transcends pleasing the palate.   We’ve created a place for you to relax, study, muse…or chat, laugh and banter.

Come, drink and sit.  You might just find that Harmony House Coffee exists as a place for you…at least for a season in this life.

Our Story

You’ve known or heard of people who have taken their hobby and made something more of it. Harmony House Coffee was realized in just such a fashion. After assembling my own coffee roaster (less than $100), it was in no time that I found myself smitten with the roasting process.  I was amazed how different coffees released their flavors depending on their origins and the roasting process.  It soon became our desire to make these coffees available in Rhea County Tennessee. To accomplish this we did a great deal of research and study with experienced coffee people.  Then, in October 2004, Harmony House Coffee opened just north of the Dayton, Tennessee city limits. Quickly we realized the difficulties of selling what is known as “Specialty Coffees” in an area not yet immersed in these flavors and tastes. We also realized that a more centralized location was needed.

So in April of 2006 we moved to a new location on Maley Hollow Rd on Hwy 27.  Our two year stay there was a great learning experience, but events such as the “Great Recession” and unfortunate changes to the properties surrounding us left us desiring another home.  Fortunately, a better location became available and we moved again- this time to downtown Dayton. The new location (3rd and current) has a comfortable coffeehouse feel that fosters comraderie if one so desires it.

Why the name Harmony House Coffee Company?  We believe that living life together is not an accident, but is the result of a purposeful, creator God.  And ideally God, creatures, and nature were/are meant to live in a harmonious relationship on this planet as our home.  To enjoy right relationships we must be purposeful in creating opportunities and atmospheres that allow us to partake of the good stuff of creation that God intended. In that light we are happy to offer Harmony House Coffee as a place in which to enjoy our coffees and to build relationships. And regardless of your core beliefs, we hope that you may find both our place and our products satisfying and rewarding.


2 thoughts on “Harmony House exists…

  1. Harmony House has the best coffee you will ever find. Way better than any of the national chains. I thought all coffee was pretty much the same until I went to Harmony House. John was very friendly and good to talk with. He recommended some good things to do while we were in town. I will definitely stop by any time I am passing through

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