Liquid Know-How

Here at Harmony House we offer a variety of products! As you might guess, however, all of the best we have to offer starts with a foundation of the very best coffee we can make. So before you check out what we can make with our coffee, take a moment and look at how we make our coffee. Check our our roasting process here!

The Coffee Bean

The backbone of the coffee house is and will always be hot brewed coffee. While those of us most familiar with coffee know there are many ways to have the good stuff, once you know what you like, it’s hard not to enjoy the plain & simple yet vastly complex taste of the coffee bean. To see what coffees we roast and brew in house check out our coffee’s page. To see what we have experimented with lately, read our blog.


Another Coffee house essential is espresso. Espresso is esentially finely ground coffee that is brewed quickly and strongly. A single shot of espresso would transfer caffeine into your body quicker than anything else you could find in a coffee house! Espresso forms the backbone of all of the specialty drinks we make including lattes, Americanos, cappuccinos, frappuccino, and our famous Chai Kwon Doh (ask about this in store)!

The Latte

One of the most famous specialty coffee drinks is the latte. A latte is quite simply just just espresso and steamed milk. The variations and additives for this drink, however, have created an almost endless list of the ways you can create your latte. Try adding flavors to your latte like Mocha (chocolate) or Hazelnut. Make your latte a “double” or a “triple” by adding extra shots of espresso for a stronger coffee flavor, and make your latte “skinny” by using non-fat milk. You can also get your coffee made cold by ordering it “iced”. Now you know how to order a “Iced Double Skinny Hazelnut Latte”!

The Frappuccino

Another variation on the espresso drink is the frappuccino. The Frappuccino utilizes the same ingredients as a latte, but puts them with ice and throws them in a blender. Typically these are always flavored with things like Mocha, Mint, Caramel, White Chocolate, or Raspberry. Harmony House offers several variations utilizing flavors like these! Try a “White Chocolate Therapy Frap” next time you are in or get a non-coffee frappe like a “Chai Smoothie”!

The last two drinks worth talking about are Americanos and Cappuccinos. An Americano is just simply a couple shots of espresso and hot water. This is a drink reserved for coffee lovers only. At Harmony House the cappuccinos we make are a more traditional recipe called the “Italian Cappuccino”, this simply means that our Cappuccinos are equal parts espresso, steamed milk and foam! For a coffee lover this makes for a delicious combination!

Non-Coffee Offerings




In addition to our coffee-based products we offer a number of other treats! We make all fruit smoothies in flavors like Pineapple, Strawberry, Wild-Berry and Peach-Pear. We also offer a selection of hot teas and Italian Sodas and Creamosas. An Italian soda is soda water with a flavoring added in, a creamosa is the same thing with cream added to it!

We hope that this page has given you a lot to consider when coming in to order! Be sure to come by soon to try something new! Also read up on our blog to see what new things we are creating!

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